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Ron is President and Senior Jury Consultant of Trial Behavior Consulting. In this capacity, Ron utilizes pretrial jury research to provide clients with feedback on case themes, strategies, evidence, witnesses, and presentation style. He develops focus groups and mock trials for case evaluation and utilizes community attitude surveys for the construction of jury selection profiles. He also develops voir dire questions, drafts and analyzes juror questionnaires, and attends jury selection to provide immediate advice and recommendations. In over 29 years as a jury consultant, Ron has worked with attorneys on over 1,000 cases and aided in the selection of nearly 400 juries.

A highly regarded speaker and presenter, Ron is often called upon to share his case experience and expertise in a variety of educational venues. He has spoken on such topics as identifying and understanding juror perceptions; tips on selecting the jury; juror reactions to witnesses; and myths, trends, and truths of jury dynamics. Additionally, Ron has written articles for various publications, including For the Defense, a publication of the Defense Research Institute (DRI), and the ABTL Report.

Ron received his MBA from U.C. Berkeley, and his B.A. in Sociology from Santa Clara University.

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