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Kay started in the trial consulting industry to support her college studies and became so interested in the field that she turned her career interests to trial consulting.  She came to Trial Behavior after four years of work for another trial consulting firm in Los Angeles, where she worked her way up from operations and logistics work to research assistance and data analysis.

Kay is skilled in analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.  She has a broad range of research support and data analysis responsibilities, including the collection, entry, processing and presentation of mock trial, shadow jury and jury selection data, as well as questionnaire and database design.  She helps organize and run mock trials, focus groups and shadow juries.  Kay also assists in verdict and venue research in venues around the country and is a “go to” person for researching alternate venues.

Kay is continuing her work to complete her B.A. in Business Administration at Cal State—Long Beach, where she learned many of the statistics and research skills she has further developed and put to good use in her trial consulting work.  She plans to continue her graduate studies in a field that supports her desire to develop herself as a jury researcher and trial consultant.

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