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Erin became fascinated with the trial consulting industry after being recruited through the Stanford Psychology department to assist TBC with content analysis. After graduating, she returned to the field and TBC. Erin assists primarily with research, data analysis, questionnaire design, and statistics. She helps design and analyze mock trial research, develop and conduct post trial interviews and assists with jury selection in a wide range of high stakes civil cases.

Prior to joining TBC, Erin also was a coxswain on the Stanford rowing team, where she honed her skills of taking charge in high-pressure situations. In addition, she served as VP Marketing for 85 Broads, Stanford Chapter, was the Social Chair for Alpha Phi, and worked as a Research Assistant in the Political Psychology Research Lab. She completed her Honor’s Thesis on the subject of external factors and their effect on mood and behavior, specifically studying acquiescence response bias.

Erin graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with Honors from Stanford University. She also studied psychology at Oxford University, completing tutorials in both social and developmental psychology.

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