Alternative Dispute ResolutionJudges are people too and are influenced by the same types of psychological and social forces that affect jurors.  Although judges may be better able to evaluate sophisticated legal arguments and evidence, they will also look at the human factors in the case and make assessments about witness credibility, human motivations, and common sense causation.  So be prepared!

We can help you prepare your case for Alternative Dispute Resolution in a number of ways:

  •  Read and evaluate key case documents and give you advice on themes and how to address bad facts.
  •  Make recommendations about demonstrative exhibits to help educate the judge or mediator about your technical issues and draw his or her attention to the key events and facts of your case.
  •  Mock try your case, in front of jurors or a panel of jurists, to determine realistic damage ranges.
  •  Prepare your witnesses for testimony that sounds your themes effectively.
  • Assist in selection of panel members.