SecuritiesWe’ve worked on a large number of securities cases in the wake of a variety of serious financial downturns and scandals, including the Savings and Loan crash, the Dot-Com Boom and bust, the 2008 mortgage fraud collapse, and high tech stock grant backdating.  Our trial tactics continuously evolve with the complex landscape of securities cases.  Our national work has been at the cutting edge for both plaintiffs and defendants, helping clients navigate the changing securities landscape.

Some examples of successful outcomes include:

  • Condus v. Howard Saving Bank. As a result of the collapse of the savings and loan institutions in the late 80’s, our clients lost their businesses and stock in the bank.  Based on mock trial feedback, we were able to reframe and present the case in an entirely different way.  We also thoroughly prepared witnesses and developed a unique strategy for the opening.  Our clients were able to persuade the jury to find for their clients with the result that the jury awarded more money than was requested.
  • AT&T Litigation. We provided our clients with case consultation to accurately assess their risk prior to trial. We drew upon our extensive data on attitudes towards large companies and stock issues, and gave our client insight into the downside risks of going to trial.  As a result, our clients settled the case with a very favorable outcome.
  • Gilliland Trust et. al. vs. H&F Mobile Partners LLC et. al. One of our clients was angry about being sued, and conveyed that anger to mock jurors. This ended up overpowering the actual facts presented, leading to a poor outcome.  Testing their key witnesses in a “safe” environment of a mock trial helped our clients learn how to optimally present the case, leading to a very favorable settlement.